Dear friends of UNA Konstanz, dear participants of KICSim 2015: 

On the 13. of Nov. 2015, the KICSim 2015 Team decided to add France as an additional committee for the Conference.

Just a few hours later the horrific terrorist attacks from DAESH on Paris, an „attack on the humanity and the freedom of the French people“, as Barack Obama said, happened.

All of us are deeply shocked and sorrowful about those events. Our thoughts are with the victims and their families. In this difficult time the European countries need to stand together and support each other at all costs. However, this tragedy has not only triggered the concern of terrorism, but also reflected many other social problems including but not limited to security policy, integration, multiculturalism etc.

It is our notion that after the sadness and the condemning of this atrocity, we all have to calm our minds and think about the complicated causes as well as the potential progress we can make: the concerns for domestic security, the reassessment of terrorism, the growing misperception between different groups of people while the integration process meets the difficulty of maintaining cultural diversity while fighting against extremism…

„Power is yours“ is our motto, and we will try our best to provide a democratic and open platform to discuss the current interacted crisis in Europe for you to utilize the „power“ – though in a rational, democratic, legitimized and humane way – to address potential solutions.

The world needs peace now, but not without diversity of thoughts.

What we must remember is that violence and threats ought to be met with openness and respect for humanity. If terrorist acts lead to terror and fear, then these actions have succeeded and humanity has failed.

Your faithfully,
KICSim Organization Team
UNA Konstanz e.V.
14 Nov. 2015