WorldMUN 2016


A delegation composed by seventeen members of the United Nation Assotiation Konstanz e.V. has participated to the twenty-fifth session of Harvard Model United Nations, which took place in Rome, Italy from the 14th to the 18th of March 2016.

The conference hosted 2400 delegates from 115 nations, which means that it could hardly get a more international experience than that. The theme of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the conference was “Future25”, which aimed to push delegates to take lessons of the past to design global institutions for the future. Some members of the delegation visited the glorious city of Florence before heading to Rome for the conference.

Most of the members of our delegation arrived in Rome the weekend before the start of the conference, in order to visit a bit the magnificent “caput mundi” city of Rome.

Among the many beautiful things we have seen there were the” Fori Romani” and the Colosseum. The most interesting day turned out to be Monday the 14th. After a Magnificent Opening Cerimony, where we got to hear speeches from several distinguished figures, among whom, the Prime Minister of Italy, Matteo Renzi, and the President of the Region of Lazio, Nicola Zingaretti. The opening ceremony was followed by, what turned to be out the most awesome party of the week: the Global Village, where every delegation could share part of their culture with the others. The following day was the proper start of the conference, that was held at the Sheraton Parco de’ Medici, where each delegate took part in their Committee  Session, where each delegate discussed many important current topics according to the Committee they were assigned to. The second party’s had as a theme “La Grande Bellezza”, which was inspired by the italian oscar-winning movie directed and co-written by Paolo Sorrentino. The film evocates the prosperous level of the Roman Society seen through the eyes of a writer, who aims to become “the king of high life”, therefore the party’s dress code was to be elegant but eccentric at the same time, as the protagonists of the film.

On Wednesday the 14th of March the Committee Sessions continued and the party of the evening was “60s Cabaret”, where the “elegance of the past met the modernity of today through artistic performances”. The party was a proper WorldMUN talent show, where many delegations prepared a performance and awards where given to the best performance. After the talent and the awards the theatre became a disco, where the delegates could enjoy music and dance in what used to be the most famous Italian dance floor: the Piper Club. A historical Italian club where many famous singers used to perform.

Thursday the 17th of March was a special day, as the delegates participated to a private audience with Pope Francis followed by the WorldMUN Parade, which was the first one in the WorldMUN history. The delegates from all around the world were able to parade through the historic centre of Rome and each held a flag of their home country. It was a surreal atmosphere admiring the internationality brought by the hundreds of flags that were passing by the historical buildings of Rome, such as the Castel sant’ Angelo, the Altare della Patria, the Fori Romani and last but not least the Colosseo. The party of the evening had as a theme “La Divina Commedia”, which was a homage to one of the most important masterpieces of the Italian Culture, the poem wrote by Dante Alighieri. The event aimed to recreate the atmosphere described by Dante and there were three rooms in the club set up with three different themes. Inferno (Hell), Purgatorio (Purgatory) and Paradiso (Heaven).

Friday the 18th was the last day of the conference, with the last Committee Session in which the Resolutions had to be voted upon. Later the Closing Ceremony took place.

Similarly to the Opening Ceremony the delegates heard many inspiring speaches such as the one of the Italian Minister of Tourism, Cultural Actrivities and Heritage, Dario Franceschini and the Italian Minister of Constitutional Reforms and Relations with the Parliament, Maria Elena Boschi. The last event of the evening was the Toga Farewell Party, which is definitely the most ideal theme to be held in the city of Rome! You might ask: why? The answer is that the toga used to be the dress that ancient Romans used to wear and therefore the delegates had the opportunity to immerse themselves in a total “Ancient Roman” experience.

WorldMUN was definitely a great experience for the whole delegation, that allowed us to interact with other students from all around the world. There were some organizational issues here and there, but I guess it has to be expected when attending such big events, nevertheless our delegation left Rome exhausted by a very busy week, which was without a doubt one of the best experiences our uni-life could offer to us.