Conference Report – Princeton

In February 2016 a delegation of 13 embarked on an extraordinary journey to a conference at the Princeton University in New Jersey, USA.  It sure was a trip which none of us will ever forget. Not only because of the challenging conference but for all the exciting experiences we made during our trips to the United States. Many of us had never been to the United States before, making the trip all the more special.

The conference itself was a five-day joint cabinet crisis, in which people did not actually represent countries within UN committees but ministers in governing cabinets. With a total of three Latin American crisis simulated at once, the “Cartel Wars” scenario was probably the most engaging of them all, dealing with the Colombian cocaine crisis during the days of famous drug lord Pablo Escobar. The other two crisis dealt with Colonial Wars of Independence and the Peruvian power struggle during “The Ochenio”.

Work in the cabinets turned out to be quite challenging due to the very different culture in American crisis simulations when compared to the European style. Right because of that however it certainly proved to be an incredibly enriching experience for everyone and we made sure that our delegation was known throughout the entirety of the conference. Beyond the committee sessions, the conference offered unique social events, often held in popular eating clubs which up until then most of us only knew from movies.

The conference itself however was only the beginning of our journeys. We first paid the greatest city of them all – New York City – a visit which is only 45 minutes from Princeton. From there on out we split into smaller groups to discover all kinds of different parts of the country. Some of us went on to discover more of the East Coast including Washington DC, Boston and some even went all the way up north into Canada. Another group ventured on an exciting trip all the way to San Francisco on the West Coast, passing through Chicago, Colorado, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and more on the way. The possibilities are endless.

For each and every one of us it was an absolutely incredible trip and most of us would love to go back right away. We whole heartedly recommend everyone to seize the opportunity and see for themselves what new experiences and challenges wait for them on the other side of the Atlantic.