Konstanz Interactive Crisis Simulation 2015

KICSim First

A name that represents peace in our minds, much more than a treaty or an organization.
Though, what is happening to Europe right now?
Where is Europe heading with all its never ending crises?
Is Europe still able to handle all of this or might it be the beginning of a whole bigger depression that will Europe tear apart in the end?

We use this question as an opportunity, to create something new at this year´s KICSim. For a weekend we want to think about new ways to deal with the situation and solution to solve other problems that might face us in the near future.

This year´s Konstanz Interactive Crisis Simulation will take place from Friday, 4.12 until Sunday 6.12. at the University of Constance.

We are looking forward to a weekend of fruitful debates, worthwhile interchange and astonishing social events!

Only few years back Europe seemed to be one of the stablest, securest and wealthiest places in the world, in 2012 the EU even attained the Nobel Peace Price. In 2015, all the developments of the last years, yet the last decades culminate in a chaos of crises. The financial crisis has shaken the confidence in the European Union and has risen the question of Values throughout the Union. For millions of people Europe is still a dream place, though European Countries are currently not able to handle masses of refugees. Islamic terrorism is evoking fear within european citizens.The borders of Europe have rarely been as unstable, as they are today. Eastern Europe fears the on-going conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Turkey still tries to join the European Union. And Great Britain does not stop thinking about leaving the European Union. In international conflicts Europe tries to stay neutral, in a global perspective, Europe is losing its importance.

We reached a point where it´s important to think about new solutions and a way to go. There might be even more severe problems Europe has to face in the future. If Europe does not start to solve and prevent, further tensions might tear the Union apart.

Registration and more information are coming soon.

See you in December at the Lake of Constance


Text: Rosa Buss, Secretary General of KICSim 2015

Photo: Qixuan Yang, Chief of Media

©UNA Konstanz 2015