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Konstanz Model United Nations Conference 2015 | Day 1

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KonMUN 2015 – United in Diversity at the Bodensee three-country-corner

2015 is a year full of anniversaries. Next to commemorating the 70th anniversary of the end of the Second World War in 1945, we celebrate 70 years of existence of the United Nations. Since 1945 the United Nations has been the one global organization, which tries to overcome conflicts and brute force by peaceful methods and which assists in finding global solutions to global problems. In order to commemorate these crucial events in history, KonMUN 2015 (19 – 21 June 2015) strives to show its participants that it is possible to negotiate with people from different nationalities and to align the interests of hundreds of states in an institutional framework, without resorting to violence and bloodshed.

Two of the organs and agencies of the “United Nations family”, along with a media simulation committee, which will be organized for the first time, will be simulated at KonMUN 2015. Apart from discussing a recent crisis in the Security Council (a committee best suited for advanced MUN participants), the Human Rights Council (HRC) Committee will discuss current challenges migrants, refugees and asylum-seekers face worldwide. Especially with regards to the recent events in the Mediterranean Sea as well as the ongoing refugee crisis in Syria, it is crucial for UN member states to show their ability to tackle together the problems of the globalized 21st century we all live in.