Konstanz Interactive Crises Simulation 13th to 15th of January 2016

Concept Presentation

If you like the idea of joining a most engaging and yet formal KICSim Conference where you see the principles of the United Nations followed as closely as possible, whilst being challenged by tough substantial debates, then we are proud and excited to present the Konstanz Interactive Simulation 2017!


KICSIM 2017 – How does it work?


The conference will be both, a Joint-Cabinet-Crisis as well as a classical Model UN conference. On the one side we will be simulating the governing cabinets of five sovereign nations. Those will have to respond to emerging crisis events by taking responsible action at their own discretion. They may work together, form alliances or work against each other. Whatever they deem the most advantageous course of action. As is common for crisis cabinets, they do not create resolutions but will always be able to send so-called “directives” to the crisis staff who will then respond. The nature of those directives is completely up to the delegates themselves. They can inquire about information through the country’s intelligence services and more, they can use the government’s resources to take immediate action both internationally as well as domestically and whatever else they an imagine.

On the other side we will be simulating the United Nations Security Council, who will be dealing with the crisis scenario which unfolds at the beginning of the conference. The countries concerned by that crisis will be those whose cabinets are simulated too.

Due to the nature of the developing crisis, countries concerned will have a distinct interest in international support in tackling the issue they face. For that support, they must lobby the members of the Security Council through official negotiations, informal meetings, letters and so on. True success in the crisis can only be achieved if countries manage to get UN support for their actions. The Security Council will not be limited to only passing one resolution at the end of the conference but may adopt ad-hoc resolutions to take immediate action if necessary. Despite that they can only operate within the United Nations framework and the opportunities and limitations that this entails.

This results in a so far unprecedented requirement for teamwork among delegates. Within committees but most importantly within delegations themselves. The ultimate success of your country will be absolutely determined by how well you can work with your fellow delegates across committees and continents.

We are very much looking forward to meeting you and not only debate important and pressing issues of our times, but also to do it in a formal manner, following protocol to the letter.
All the best to you and see you in January!


Alex Kapp,

President of the United Nations Association Konstanz e.V.