1. SC – United Nations Security Council (MUN Format)

The Security Council as we know it and as it is defined by Chapter V of the United Nations Charter. Within our conference, the Security Council will be simulated very closely to its real world counterpart. Closely following diplomatic conduct, while coordinating the success of the entire delegation, will be the great challenge for the delegates in this committee.

Security Council Meeting: The situation in the Middle East (Syria)council

As ambassadors will be in charge of all topics, all of the committee’s study guides should be taken into consideration.

2. DRC – The Democratic Republic of the Congo Committee

Topic: DRC

The Democratic Republic of Congo is extremely rich in natural resources, but political instability, a lack of infrastructure, deep-rooted corruption, and centuries of both commercial and colonial extraction and exploitation have limited holistic development. Heated debates and in-depth negotiation skills will allow you to succeed.


Study Guide DRC 

3. SS – The Republic of South Sudan Committee

Topic: South Sudan

South Sudan became an independent state on 9 July 2011, following a referendum that passed with 98.83% of the vote.  It is a United Nations member state, a member state of the African Union,  of the East African Community, and of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development.  In July 2012, South Sudan signed the Geneva Conventions.  South Sudan has suffered internal conflict since its independence; as of 2016 it has the second highest score on the Fragile States Index (formerly the Failed States Index). Further specifics regarding the topic will follow soon on the committee’s page.


Study Guide SS 

4. CAR – The Central African Republic Committee

Topic: Reevaluating the Situation in the Central African Republic

The United Nations Security Council works to resolve a range of issues in multiple sub-Saharan African countries. For many reasons the Central African Republic was lately the focal point of those actions.The Security Council Committee established pursuant to resolution 2127 (2013) and resolution 2262 (2016) concerning the Central African Republic will work to build on the resolutions created previously to come up with a way to ensure the establishment of a sustainable, well-governed CAR moving forward.


Study Guide CAR

5. RUC – The Republic of Uganda Committee

Topic: RUC

Beginning in 1894, the area was ruled as a protectorate by the British, who established administrative law across the territory. Uganda gained independence from Britain on 9 October 1962. The period since then has been marked by intermittent conflicts, including a lengthy civil war against the Lord’s Resistance Army in the Northern region, which has caused tens of thousands of casualties and displaced more than a million people.


Study Guide RUC 

6. RR – The Republic of Rwanda Committee

Topic: RR

Rwanda’s economy suffered heavily during the 1994 Rwandan Genocide, but has since strengthened. The economy is based mostly on subsistence agriculture. Coffee and tea are the major cash crops for export. Tourism is a fast-growing sector and is now the country’s leading foreign exchange earner.

ATTENTION EDITORS - VISUAL COVERAGE OF SCENES OF INJURY OR DEATH A Rwandan boy covers his face from the stench of dead bodies in this July 19, 1994 file photo. April 7, 2014 marks the 20th anniversary of the Rwanda genocide which killed 800,000 people. The three-month killing spree in 1994 by Hutu extremists targeted ethnic Tutsis, but moderate Hutus were also caught in the wave of violence that followed the fatal downing of a plane carrying Rwandan President Juvenal Habyarimana. REUTERS/Corinne Dufka/Files (RWANDA - Tags: CIVIL UNREST ANNIVERSARY POLITICS) TEMPLATE OUT ORG XMIT: PXP15

Study Guide RR