Konstanz Interactive Crisis Simulation 2017 – The Subsaharan Africa

The UNA Konstanz once again organized its annual conference, the KICSim, which occured from January 13th until 15th ashore the beautiful snow-covered area of Lake Constance. 70 delegates were hurling themselves into debates and negotiations about the Subsaharan Africa, where politics are in a profound crisis. Separated into the cabinets of the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Central African Republic, Rwanda, Uganda and South Sudan, the ministers had to find challenging compromises to sustainably improve the lifes of the subsaharan inhabitants and to fully integrate their countries into the global community. Every action was monitored and, if necessary, sanctioned by the UN Security Council which acted in the interest of international law and order.

To get some professional input, Dr. Alexander De Juan presented parts of his work as a trainee in financial cooperation in developing countries at the „KfW Entwicklungsbank“ in whose context he gained first-hand experiences of the quality of life in South Sudan and the DRC. Furthermore, Mrs. Gudrun Masloch who currently works at the Federal Foreign Office as the Deputy Head of the division African Union, Southern Africa, Great Lakes Region presented her daily routine at the foreign service. She also worked at the Permanent Mission of the Federal Republic of Germany to the Office of the United Nations in Geneva as the Deputy Head of the Political Affairs Section which enabled the delegates to get an insight into how global politics are really made.

Despite all the challenging work during the committee sessions, the delegates enjoyed a great atmosphere in which it was easy to chit-chat with other participants and maybe to find new enduring friendships. Of course, we also partied a lot at our club night in the Orange X, as well as at our sophisticated committee dinner at Holly’s.

All in all, we enjoyed a challenging but hilarious weekend where a lot of work incurred which was compensated by a comfortable atmosphere during lunch and coffee breaks, as well as by the following parties in the evening.

On behalf of the directing board I want to thank our sponsors: The Verein der Ehemaligen der Universität Konstanz e.V., the bookstore Homburger & Hepp and Seezüngle, whose support lifted our conference to the highest level of comfort. We also thank Dr. Alexander De Juan and Mrs. Gudrun Masloch, who sacrificed their weekend to give us some professional insights. And of course I wanna thank every helping hand, chair, mastermind and delegate who were into the topic as if it was their future they are discussing about. Thank you very much!! You made the KICSim 2017 as funny, productive and qualitative as it was.

See you all next year!

Tim Uebelen
Secretary-General of KICSim 2017