PIMUN 2017 – Conference report

PIMUN 2017


In March 2017 our wonderful delegation from Konstanz set of to participate in the Paris Model United Nations.  The journey started with a PIMUN 1delightful train ride , with beer and fun company. We decided to spend nine whole days in Paris, to have enough time to explore the city de l’amour. We stayed in a hostel in Montmartre, near the famous Sacre couer, which is where we meet the French cat jesus ( Saschas best friend for
the week ) , befriended ourselves with cheap Franprix wine and spend delightful evenings watching Jonas cook for us. (Thank you, once again!)

In the first four days, we set of to explore the city, from going up the Arc de Triumph, to catching a glimpse of the famous Mona Lisa in the Louvre PIMUN 2museum to having delightful picnics evenings, on the Champs the Mars, by the Eiffel tour with cheese and wine. On one day we visited the Chateau de
Versailles, where the famous king Louis the XIV lived. It was a really wonderful and impressive experience, to see such a castle and learn about the history of France.  The city offered us so many possibilities to explore French culture, history and art. The best thing being, all museum and monuments were free to us and all other young people under the age of 25!

Another must do was the cruise along the seine, this gave us a first impression of the city and a chance to cruise along the beautiful Seine. Some evenings were also spend by the banks of the Seine, were classical music and dancing was playing, to the delite of the representative of Italy, Paul , who deeply appreciated classical music.  Jonas, one of our honorable delegated was reunited with Lefe beer , and happily shared his joy ( and beer) with us.PIMUN 3

The first event of our conference was the registration, which took place in the Science Po as French people say which stands for Institut d’études politiques de Paris. Our wonderful hosts , welcomed us with goodie bags and information. In the evening the opening ceremony took place in a prestigious parisan theater. It was really great to see the architecture. Our secretary general opened the conference with a speech, which was followed by some sparkling wine

The next day, it was time to get serious, sessions started! We were present in the councils of UN women, ECOSOC as well as various others, representing The Russian Federation, Italy, India and even our neighbors Switzerland. Our first day, consisted of two sessions, starting with roll calls and introduction speeches. Lunch was provided by the cafeteria of the university, which was just a short walk away. Our evening was spend in a lively neighborhood, with many bars- going on a pub crawl! Our group was really fun and it was a great chance to mingle with people from other delegations and practice our French a bit.The debates were always hard yet exciting and fun.  Allies were found, Drafts were comprised, Resolutions were written and votes taken. All in all the Conference, was a wonderful chance to practice our abilities to hold speeches, learn more about different committees of the UN and have the chance to meet young people with an interest for international politics from all over the world.

Our last evening before the closing session, was spend at Club Haussmann. A locations, exclusively rented for us! The night involved Lefe (what else?) and some fun dancing ! In the early morning hours, we (those still standing) walked back to the hostel and watched the sun rise over Paris.

Our final day was spend visiting the general assembly and the closing ceremony which took our last bit of energy. The way home was a quite one, with us sleeping in the train, smiling when thinking back about the great week we had and all the wonderful people we meet. A big thank you once again to the organizers in Paris and of course to our head delegate who coordinated for everything for us, Paul! Merci pour touts Pairs et a la prochaine fois !

MiniMUN & OrangeX Party

Bildschirmfoto 2017-04-28 um 13.21.38

You have always been interested in the UN and like to debate? Here comes your chance to get an insight into the world of Model United Nations!
During one weekend we will introduce you to debating and show you the Rules of Procedures by simulating a conference in German.

To get the real MUN feeling there will be an UNA party Friday night at the Orange X.

The participation at the conference is for free. To register just send an E-Mail to kicsimregistration@unakonstanz.de


Friday, May 5th: 15:15- 19:00 Introduction and Beginning of MiniMUN
21:30 UNA OrangeX Party

Saturday, May 6th: 10:00 -13:30 MiniMUN

See you there!


Du hast dich schon immer für die UN interessiert und debatierst gerne? Dann kommt hier dein Einstieg in die Welt der Model United Nations!
An einem Wochenende führen wir euch auf Deutsch in die Diskussionsform ein und zeigen euch im Rahmen einer formlosen, kurzen Simulation die Rules of Procedure.

Zum richtigen MUN Gefühl gehört natürlich auch eine UNA Konstanz Family and Friends Party, auf der du alle Anderen kennenlernen kannst!

Die Teilnahme an der Konferenz ist kostenlos. Um euch anzumelden schreibt einfach eine E-Mail an kicsimregistration@unakonstanz.de

Hier das Programm im Detail:

Freitag, 05.05.: 15:15-19:00 Einführung und Beginn der MiniMUN.
22:30 UNA Family and Friends Party im Orange X

Samstag, 06.05.: 10:00-13:30 MiniMUN

Wir freuen uns auf euch!